Magnolia Clubhouse
Magnolia Clubhouse


Magnolia Clubhouse




Construction Management


University Circle, Cleveland, Ohio




Westlake Reed Leskosky

Magnolia Clubhouse Grand Staircase
Bloomin' House Common Corridor
Bloomin' House Point of Sale
Bloomin' House West Display Room
Bloomin' House East Display Room
Bloomin' House Second Floor Landing
Bloomin' House Board Room
Bloomin' House Executive Office
Magnolia Clubhouse Grand Staircase
Magnolia Clubhouse Reception
Magnolia Clubhouse Dining Room
Magnolia Clubhouse Business Commons
Magnolia Clubhouse Recording Studio Control Room
Magnolia Clubhouse Conference Table with Sitting Area
Magnolia Clubhouse Recording Studio
Magnolia Clubhouse Sitting Area
Magnolia Clubhouse Campus
Magnolia Clubhouse Courtyard Cafe

Located in the University Circle neighborhood of Cleveland, the Magnolia Clubhouse campus consists of two buildings on Magnolia Blvd. which were designed by renowned architects Frank Meade and J. Milton Dye. The Krueger Group, working in a design/assist role with DLR│Westlake Reed Leskosky, revitalized both buildings one floor at a time to eliminate the functional obsolescence of each building while maintaining their respective architectural integrity.

From the outset of the project, it was obvious that the buildings were structurally sound but needed cosmetic and infrastructural upgrades that aligned with their current and future needs and to bring each space up to professional quality standards. Upon completion, the newly renovated campus maximizes the existing space while incorporating professional quality standards that are worthy of the organization’s mission. Notable features include:

  • Professional video recording studio.
  • Multiple workspaces with individual computer stations.
  • Expanded business commons.
  • Renovated member dining rooms and café.
  • Renovated executive offices.
  • Renovated grand staircases at both buildings..
  • Dedicated board room.
  • Multiple conference rooms.
  • Renovated high-end resale shop.

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