• Aggie Hoskin
  • Former Executive Director
  • West Side Catholic Center

It is with gratitude and appreciation that we thank The Krueger Group, under the leadership of Bob Krueger, for partnering with us to envision and create a “new” West Side Catholic Center (WSCC), recognized as one of the best facilities with services in the Cleveland Area.  It is with this confidence that we recommend The Krueger Group for its work with non-profit agencies.

The WSCC is a non-profit agency on the West Side of Cleveland that serves hungry and homeless persons and families in need.  Several years ago it became clear we needed to expand, renovate, and create a safe and welcoming space in order to continue to serve the people who came to us daily.  This journey was due to so many people. One of these was Bob who was introduced to us by a Trustee. We sat down together at the first of dozens of meetings to explore the needs and dreams of pulling off this project.  It was clear right from the start that Bob was key to making this project a reality. His professionalism, listening and understanding of the needs, along with the skills and talents of his crew made this construction possible.  But most important was his passion and empathy for the people and his ability to recognize and honor the dignity of the men, women and their children we served.

Just a few of the things Bob did:

Bob and his family made one of the first donations to the capital campaign.
He purchased and installed, at his own cost, exit lights for the women’s shelter the first day so they would be safe during construction of  a new shelter.
He sat us down and asked “What do you want? What is your dream?”
He presented the outline of our dreams for the new space at countless meetings with Committees, Funders and Trustees.
He brokered the purchase of an old warehouse for the new Shelter site. Saved us nearly $35,000 off the original price.

This was all done before he was officially chosen as construction manager and contractor. Bob’s sound business decisions and connections saved us money throughout the conversion of a former bowling alley (Center) and warehouse (Shelter) into beautiful functional spaces where all are welcome and safe.

Bob’s crew was the best. Along with their daily presence, hard work, skills, creativity and problem solving, they understood our ministry in the neighborhood. They were nonjudgmental and respectful of the people we serve.  They became family to us.

Thanks, Bob and crew, for your role in making our dream come true.

We are ever grateful for this partnership. 

  • Anita Cook
  • Executive Director
  • West Side Catholic Center

Thank you for the wonderful work completed at the West Side Catholic Center by The Krueger Group. Both projects are an important part of delivering on the WSCC mission of “assisting all who come in need of food, clothing, shelter, advocacy and a path to self-sufficiency.” The Resource Center, located in a century building, was in desperate need of a complete exterior paint job. In addition, much of the wood siding was rotten and needed replacement.  Your crew did a terrific job of matching the historic colors of the building. They were also very sensitive to the work of serving the poor and homeless that occurs daily at the Resource Center. The work was completed on time and on budget.

We had been waiting to complete The Courtyard makeover until we raised the funds and found the perfect contractor to do the work. The staff was thrilled with your ideas to modify our original plan. The installation crew was courteous and very conscientious about leaving the site in order every day. The Courtyard has become a popular place for children’s programming as well as Board Meet-n-Greet events.

We especially found Dan Krueger and Jack Doheny always on top of the projects. The WSCC looks forward to working The Krueger Group again!

  • Bill Carson
  • President
  • Cutting Dynamics Inc.

I must say we have been extremely pleased with their (The Krueger Group) performance both with new construction work and refurbishment work. In 2004, KG managed the acquisition and development of a 28,000 square foot distribution center for our company. Bob Krueger handled everything from helping us negotiate the land purchase through complete construction of the facility. Every phase of the project was closely monitored and it was completed on schedule. 

In 2007,The Krueger Group managed the aquisition and refurbishment of a 60,000 square foot warehouse and office complex for CDI. The KG team brought the building up to professional standards in a very short period of time. They handled everything from fixing the roof, to remodeling the offices, polishing and sealing the shop floors, replacing lighting and painting. The building looks like new. In fact, people from Boeing were visiting last week and they asked me if this was a new building - It is 20+ years old. 

I would strongly recommend The Krueger Group team for any new construction or refurbishment project.

  • Chris Ronayne
  • President
  • University Circle, Inc.

Dear Bob:

On the occasion of the opening of the Otis and Straub houses for the new Montessori High School of University Circle, I wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate you on the amazing restoration work you've done.  You've beautified Magnolia Drive with these two fine restorations and you have created terrific spaces befitting of the world class Montessori School in the world class University Circle District.

Bob, on behalf of all of us at University Circle, please accept out sincere congratulations for the detailed craftmanship you've shown in renovating these two new treasures on Education Row. Congratulations to you and all your team.

  • David Kahn
  • Founder/President
  • Montessori High School

Krueger Group, how we love you.  Our school buildings have all turned out masterpieces; four buildings at Montessori High School, one $3.5M project at the Amasa Stone Building overlooking the Cleveland Cultural Gardens, the Society of Friends building in progress and the Gries Center, which is not ours, but a project that has been close to our hearts.  Your architect, Leon Sampat, makes practical and immensely aesthetic designs look easy, allowing for the new spaces to fit right into the original designs of our buildings and winning AIA acknowledgement for preservation along the way. Bob Krueger takes each building under his wing as a passionate design/task to be implemented as a work of art. He is clearly working for a cause which he identifies first, then pursues with a single mindedness that brings design innovation and expertise. I trust your integrity and ability to go well beyond the original design, to approach each change order like a creative challenge, and provide low cost construction loans as a matter of course to support better solutions. You are a friend to the Montessori field--not merely a contractor. Every job for us has been a gift. 

  • Debra Hershey Guren
  • Founder/President
  • Montessori Development Partnerships

Stonebrook Montessori opened its doors in 2015 thanks to our generous supporters and the sincere dedication of The Krueger Group. The multi-million dollar renovation project is transforming the historic Amasa Stone House of Glenville into a home-like school facility suited to place-based learning and a source of pride for the neighborhood. A feasibility study determined that the Amasa Stone House, which had been abandoned for 12 years, had the capacity to meet the design requirements of the school to house Montessori classrooms, specialty rooms, a community room, a commercial kitchen, faculty spaces and administrative offices.

Bob Krueger and his team have turned our vision into reality by renovating the building in phases as funds are being raised and the school is growing. Stonebrook Montessori is the first public Montessori charter school in the state of Ohio and is providing new educational opportunities for the children and families of Cleveland.

Under the leadership of Bob Krueger, the Krueger Group has a 35 year history of involvement with Montessori schools. When Bob’s children were students at Ruffing Montessori School on the west side of Cleveland, he started working with the school principal to identify solutions to space problems. Today, Bob has a strong understanding of the specific needs of Montessori environments. Over the years, the Krueger team has expanded learning opportunities in schools by adding classrooms, greenhouses, and learning centers, as well as completely renovating historical buildings to accommodate grow­ing student needs.

Bob’s team understands the specific needs and goals of the Stonebrook Montessori project. They are careful to respect and maintain characteristics of the Amasa Stone House, reusing and repurposing many of the original materials while creating a modern learning environment. Their work reflects a sensitivity to archi­tecture, student needs, facility require­ments, and of course, budget and timeframe.

The Krueger Group’s work at Stonebrook Montessori is a testament to their dedication and passion, as well as high-quality work and craftsmanship. We are grateful for their ongoing support and commitment to making Stonebrook Montessori a very special place for children.

  • Erik Vaughan
  • CEO
  • Standard Wellness & The Forest Sandusky

Standard Wellness was the first vertically-integrated medical marijuana company in Ohio, and our company’s mission is to create a new standard in the cannabis industry for quality, care, innovation, and education. Our sister company, The Forest, is a medical marijuana dispensary that helps Ohio patients with qualifying medical conditions select the appropriate medical marijuana products based on each patient’s individual needs.

We cannot thank The Krueger Group enough for their expertise and the craftsmanship they displayed in building The Forest dispensary in Sandusky. Working with The Krueger Group allowed The Forest to make history, as the first sale of medical marijuana in the State of Ohio occurred in our dispensary. Without The Krueger Group’s speed, diligence, and adherence to our tight construction timeline, The Forest would not have opened on time.  Our patients love the crisp, clean design of our dispensary and the flow of the building makes our guests feel at ease.  Bob Krueger and his team made our vision of creating a comfortable and accessible space for Ohio medical marijuana patients come to fruition.

The Krueger Group also did an excellent job of incorporating the often complex, state mandated security protocols into the facility.  They worked with us to find sensible solutions that serve the needs of our employees and our patients. Building a new dispensary in Ohio was uncharted territory, and our company’s relationship with The Krueger Group required flexibility and trust.  The Krueger Group puts quality and communication above all else, and we are beyond grateful to the entire Krueger team for their collaboration, guidance, and support throughout the entire construction process.

  • James P. Mooney
  • Founder, Chairman and CEO
  • OM Group

My business relationship with The Krueger Group (KG) started when our business was less than $20M and grew to $4.5B. I attribute much of our success to KG because we would give them a project and they would co-manage it thru completion. This left us with continuing to grow and focus on the business at hand. We had complete confidence in their abilities to work in our best interest and they always did. They paid attention to details including cost and completing projects on time without sacrificing quality or deadlines. They have demonstrated good interfacing skills with all the people involved in the project assigned. Best of all is the integrity in which they work and going that extra step to satisfy their customer. 

Our projects were big and small mostly in Westlake and Cleveland. KG procured land in Westlake, refurbished offices and built a research center with special permits, security and safety. They also refurbished offices in the Terminal Tower for four floors. They eventually built our corporate headquarters in the Key Bank building. Maintaining the buildings and receiving advice under construction saved us a ton of money as the projects were in transition to and after completion. 

I would strongly urge you to be as satisfied as we were and hire The Krueger Group for your project. I wish you nothing but the very best in your growth. It is a great time in your life and enjoy it. Please feel free to contact me for any concerns or questions.

My role as these projects came to completion was Founder, Chairman and CEO of OM Group, Inc.

  • Jim Corrigan and Alan Laumer
  • Funeral Director and Owner
  • Laumer Corrigan Funeral Home and Cremation Center

In the fall of 2013, the Laumer-Corrigan family started working on a project that we thought would move quickly.  In our mind, we found a building that we could make minor changes to, and then we would open for business.  Well, it took some time to acquire the building and then came the details of the planning.  In our search for a compatible construction company, we met with three architects and three construction companies.  After many hours of meetings and private conversations, we zeroed in on The Krueger Group. 

With the decision made, we were off and running to many unthought-of ideas and concepts.  Our own family member, Alan, had some very creative ideas and then we met up with Bob and his entire staff.  A whole world of space and versatility was revealed to us by these creative people. 

The Krueger Group is very forward thinking.  One of the very first things we did was tour some locations that they had created.  With our interest and desire piqued by these trips, we were ready to press on with our funeral home.  After a month of discussions and blueprints complete, we were ready to submit plans to the city.  Unfortunately, the title search did not reveal a sewer easement that we had planned to build on.  With the willingness of the architect and the Krueger Group, we were able to redesign our plan quickly and be ready for the next city meeting.  After this delay, time flew with one phase completed after the other and we were finally ready to open. 

The incredible energy and enthusiasm of the Krueger Group truly makes them distinctive.  The entire staff takes great pride in their work and the finished product.  The site was always cleaned up for safe inspection, a true hallmark of their company.  If obstacles arose, we were contacted and consulted about a viable solution to the problem (and with an older building surprises happen).  As a general contractor, they introduced us to very fine trades people. 

When we opened on November 1, 2014 we were so pleased to invite the public to visit and tour our funeral home.  It was with great pride that we told our guests that the Krueger Group made our dream a reality. Bob Krueger’s reassurance that if anything would go wrong, he said, “The Krueger Group will be your first call.”  His staff is phenomenal.  

  • Joe and Debbie Talaba
  • Homeowner
  • Cahoon Ledges

When we began to think about downsizing, we knew that we wanted a no or low maintenance living arrangement. After looking at several options and having lived in Bay Village for nearly 30 years, we decided to consider the Cahoon Ledges cluster home development, built by the Krueger Group.

Arrangements were made to meet with Bob Krueger and his project manager, Jack Doheny and what impressed us immediately was Bob’s willingness to build a custom home that would meet all of our specific requirements. Further, and to our great surprise, Bob arranged for us to see two existing homes in order for us to see what he could do for us.

Once construction began, we were regularly kept informed of progress, as well as the timing of decisions regarding paint colors, floor coverings, etc; all managed by Brigid Steiner. We had several meetings to discuss important options and changes during the
construction phase.

In all, we are extremely pleased with the home and the care taken by all of Bob’s subcontractors to deliver to us a fine quality home that is just right for us. We would recommend the Krueger Group to anyone interested in building their dream home.

  • John Hannon, CPCU
  • Principal
  • Evarts Tremaine

At Evarts Tremaine we highly value our relationship with The Krueger Group.  Over several decades we have engaged them for a number of projects, big and small.

The Krueger Group was responsible for our prior office buildout in the mid-nineties, and when it was time for us to move to new space this year, we did not think twice about whom to hire.  From start to finish, the team at The Krueger Group was conscientious, creative, and committed to our success.  While construction was underway we kept focused on our clients and our business, because we have a high level of trust in The Krueger Group team and their work.  We finished on time and on budget, and the results are outstanding.  

We could not be happier and we enthusiastically recommend The Krueger Group.  


  • John McNamara
  • Principal
  • Ruffing Montessori School

I am making this recommendation for The Krueger Group as principal at Ruffing Montessori School and as treasurer of the Board of Trustees of The Montessori High School at University Circle.  Both organizations have had excellent results working with The Krueger Group. 

Most recently, The Montessori High School at University Circle purchased (in April of 2008) a historic four story home on Magnolia Drive in University Circle (and had previously purchased, on Magnolia Drive a house that had been converted into three condominiums plus a carriage house).  Between the end of April and September of 2008 KG was given the job of renovating the historic house and turning it into a building suitable for classrooms. This was a major task. The building had to be completely rewired, sprinkled, new plumbing and bathrooms, walls taken down, staircases put in, asbestos removed, redoing floors and ceilings, obtain licenses and variances and at the same time retain the house's historic look and have the project finished in time for the start of school. At the same time the condominium house had to be renovated so as to be able to serve as two dorms - one for girls, one for boys, plus kitchen and living space. This also had to be completed so the students could move in for the beginning of school. 

Not only were these jobs done so that the students could move into the condominium building for the start of school and the students could have classes in the historic building, but the quality of the job was excellent. Both of us who are involved with the Montessori High School and organizations in University Circle (eg. Natural History Museum) are amazed at how KGA was able to do all the above while still retaining the historic character of the buildings.

At the completion of the above two jobs KGA converted an old dilapidated four car garage at the back of the historic building into a state of the art science lab with geothermal heating and a greenhouse as part of the lab. 

A major reason that The Montessori High School at University Circle chose KGA for this task was because of the successful projects that they performed at Ruffing Montessori School - the most recent being a two story plus basement addition that KGA did in the summer of 2004 for Ruffing Montessori School.

Having now been involved with a number of projects that KGA has successfully completed for both Montessori organizations I think the main reason that I highly recommend KG is the oversight and attention to detail that Bob Krueger gives to each project in the planning stage, in the construction stage, and after the project is finished. Bob has a unique talent to really understand what the client's needs are and, being the most practical person I have ever met, meeting those needs in the best way possible.

  • Mary Sue Tannis
  • Founder & Executive Director
  • Youth Challenge

Youth Challenge has a totally accessible facility thanks to Bob Krueger, some ingenuity, our generous supporters, and The Krueger Group.  Youth Challenge provides adaptive recreational opportunities for physically disabled children of Greater Cleveland.

Our non-profit organization recycled a warehouse, with manufacturer’s rep offices attached, into office space for 12, a state-of-the art gymnasium and atrium.  Along with these, we were able to add an additional 5,000 feet of rental space which supports our services.  This would not have been possible without forward thinking presented by Bob Krueger and his team.

Beginning with his architect and following up after four years with ever evolving building needs, Bob Krueger and his team remain nearby to assure our facility works as hard as Youth Challenge does.

Visit youthchallengesports.com to view our facility.  To schedule a tour, call 440-892-1001.  I would be happy to host you.

  • Rick Kirk
  • Director of Operations
  • Hyland Software

Dear Bob,

Hyland Software is rooted in Core Values that were created to guide our company and help us make the best decisions not only for the company, but for those affected by the company.  I want to share those with you because they are an important component of how decisions are made every day:

  • We conduct ourselves with honesty, integrity and fairness in our relationships with our partners, customers, employees and shareholders.
  • We deliver configurable business solutions that are intuitive to use.
  • Our customers are our partners.
  • Our employees are our family.
  • We are motivated people passionately dedicated to the success of the company.

As I read those Core Values it’s apparent that I could easily be talking about The Krueger Group just as I am Hyland Software.  It’s that foundation that allows us to focus on the goal, get through the opportunities and provide excellent deliverables (that are in budget!).  We are driven to do great work no matter what the project, whether its software development, building a new facility or simply making our campus a great place to go for a walk.

The Hyland Software campus is a great place to work today and that accomplishment was made possible in many ways because of our partnership with The Krueger Group.  Thank you for your continued commitment to Hyland Software.

To many more projects,

Rick Kirk

  • Suzanne Sylvester
  • Vice President
  • Gigi's Playhouse - Cleveland

GiGi's Playhouse is a Down syndrome achievement center whose mission is to increase positive awareness of Down syndrome through national campaigns, educational programs, and by empowering individuals with Down syndrome, their families and the community.  Founded in 2003 in Illinois, the organization has now grown into a network of 29 Playhouses across the country and Mexico.   In the summer of 2014, a local group of parents, teachers, therapists and community members began working to open a GiGi's Playhouse in Cleveland.  In early September 2015 we secured a highly visible, highly accessible storefront location near the Lakewood Library.  Thanks to the dedicated and professional efforts of The Krueger Group, we were able to open our doors just a short four months later in January 2016.

The Krueger Group provided invaluable guidance in taking a big box space and turning it into a place that is welcoming, playful and purposeful. GiGi's Playhouse provides diverse educational and therapeutic programs at no charge to our families; in a format that individuals with Down syndrome learn most effectively.  The design of the GiGi's Playhouse space is an integral part of the programs and community that the Playhouse is built around.  Bob and Dan Krueger met with us on multiple occasions before we secured the space and their architect helped us to create a vision of the Cleveland Playhouse that is now the model for all new Playhouses across the country.  

At every step of the process the entire team at The Krueger Group has been professional, responsive and supportive of our organization.  As a non-profit, we rely on donations from individuals and companies and grants to support our operations.  Bob and Dan have done amazing work with non-profits across Cleveland and it was helpful that they brought this experience to bear during the planning and buildout phase.  We are so thankful to the entire team at The Krueger Group for helping to bring GiGi's Playhouse to Cleveland!  

We invite you to stop in to our beautiful space and see what GiGi's Playhouse Cleveland is all about: 

GiGi’s Playhouse Cleveland

15316 Detroit Avenue

Lakewood, OH 44107

Phone: 216-529-3333


  • Tony Wanner
  • Director of Facilities and Transportation
  • Hawken School

Founded in 1915, Hawken School is an independent, coeducational college preparatory day school serving 941 students in preschool through grade 12 from nine counties in Northeast Ohio.  Central to Hawken’s mission is their promise to ‘prepare students to navigate a complex and dynamic world with self-confidence and determination; embrace challenges with disciplined analysis and creativity; and engage others with empathy and integrity.’  The fulfillment of this promise has earned Hawken a national reputation for educational excellence and innovative programming.  Hawken is divided into four schools and is located on three separate campuses; the Early Childhood Center, Lower and Middle Schools are located in Lyndhurst; the Upper School campus is located in Gates Mills; and the Gries Center is located in University Circle in Cleveland.  The Gries Center (formerly Mather Mansion) is a satellite campus for Hawken to engage the Cleveland and University Circle community and organizations and a means for us to integrate ourselves into its culture.  

At the end of 2009 The Krueger Group was awarded the job of renovating the historic 100 year old former Mather Mansion in University Circle, Cleveland, Ohio  and charged with turning it into a center suitable for experiential learning classrooms and community events and meetings. The mansion had to be completely gutted including the removal of asbestos, the addition of utilities, re-wired, sprinkled, re-plumbed, walls taken down and re-constructed, a new addition and staircases added, and ceilings and woodwork preserved and re-constructed.  In addition all lighting, plumbing, electrical fixtures and cabinetry were replaced and suitable plans for cutting edge technology were executed.  The Krueger Group was also charged with drawing up plans, schedules,  and obtaining  the necessary governmental documents and permits while at the same time retaining the mansion's historic look and having  the project finished on time and on budget for the start of the 2010-2011 school year.  They were wildly successful in fulfilling all of their tasks and in going above and beyond the call of duty in all aspects including the public relations and marketing pieces.  

I would highly recommend The Krueger Group, their subcontractors and the management, professionalism, attention to detail, and care that Bob Krueger and his staff gives to the building and renovation process at all stages.


  • Whitney Bohan
  • Director of Communications & Annual Fund
  • Magnolia Clubhouse

With a Master Plan created by architects DLR-Westlake Reid Leskosky, the decision to hire The Krueger Group to handle the project was based on its outstanding work on other historic buildings—including some of our Magnolia Drive neighbors. We knew it was company that would be respectful of the architectural heritage, while also understanding our current needs. Their attention to detail is noteworthy.

The results to date meet every expectation: all spaces are appealing and beautiful, the needed technology is well incorporated, and there is efficient use of space and improved flow.  At every point in the project, Krueger was responsive to our needs, always respectful of our members and staff, and, quite simply, a pleasure to work with. Because we remained open during the renovation, we were impressed with how accommodating the Krueger team was on a day-to-day basis as we carried on with the business of the Clubhouse.